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Our Hard Surface Selection

Tontine Carpet One in West Seneca, New York, provides an array of hard surface products ranging from luxurious wood flooring to durable laminate flooring. Our goal is to assist you in education in order to determine which product will be best for you. If you're considering hard surface products, you can learn about our specialty brands below.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring holds many characteristics beneficial an a home or commercial setting; outside of the aesthetic appearance, wood flooring embodies hardiness, strength, and workability. Our dedicated experts can help you determine what style of wood flooring would be best in your environment. Shop Hardwood

Solid Hardwood Flooring - solid hardwood flooring is a traditional style of flooring; there are many different styles, species, and plank widths to cater to any preference

Engineered Wood - Engineered wood flooring is style natural hardwood but it's composite is fashioned in layers to more easily expand and contract in environments that see a lot of humidity or severe temperature differences in seasons. 

Bamboo - Bamboo flooring embellishes quite an exotic flavor in a home and greatly resembles the look of solid hardwood. Techincally speaking, bamboo is an extermely hard grass but it is as durable as some species of hardwood. It is more eco-friendly because it grows in an abundance at fast rates.


Laminate flooring is available at an exceptional value! While hardwood is very appealing, some do not realize there are different moisture levels in their home or environment that need to be considered. Laminate is resistant to water and excessive wear due to high-traffic areas including pet and kid friendly homes or commercial spaces. Shop Laminate

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